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Venerable Sarah

ven-sarah-web-largeAt the turn of 2009, as the world welcomed a new year and America welcomed a new President, TKC welcomed Venerable Sarah Thresher for a two-month visit as our guest resident teacher.

Venerable Sarah offered a variety of classes and practices, with insight from the heart, and an enjoyable Western perspective on the Dharma. These classes are suitable for students of all levels. We hope you benefit from them as much as those who had the privilege to attend.

Healing Inside & Out

This special teaching explains the Buddhist perspective on why we experience illness, as well as ancient techniques for cultivating health. The class was followed by a Medicine Buddha Puja, with commentary.

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation has become a part of pop culture. We see people meditating on advertisements, and bookstores are filled with books on “Meditation for Dummies.” What is meditation really? What is the purpose, and why is it so important? Venerable Sarah teaches the basics of meditation practice, and addresses some major misconceptions. Listen to the lecture and then let the audio guide you through the two meditation practices that you can easily do at home (they’re about 15-20 minutes each!). Please note: During the meditation, when Venerable Sarah is not speaking, the audio goes blank to help you concentrate.

“Just for Now”: Emptiness & the Diamond Cutter Sutra

This teaching explores one of the most fundamental and challenging aspects of Buddhist philosophy: the ultimate nature of reality. How do we reconcile the momentary changing and aging of all objects with their substantial appearance and function? If things are empty, why do they still work? Are things as they appear? Or are they just as they are for now? Based on one of the Buddha’s most celebrated sermons, The Diamond Cutter Sutra, this class is a great introduction to an important Buddhist concept.

Review of the Bodhisattva’s Way

Shantideva’s classic text, The Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, is the essential handbook for those seeking enlightenment. Over the course of several weeks, Venerable Sarah offered a summary commentary, with heartfelt explanations of Shantideva’s profound words. This is a great introduction to an essential Buddhist text, as well as an important refresher for experienced students.

More Classes Coming Soon…


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